Bee Equipment Available for Pre-Order

Bee Equipment Available for Pre-Order

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We are ordering equipment from Mann Lake and reselling it at the standard rates for our local bee customers. You can see the bee equipment available for preorder in our shop.

Order by April 24, 2020

All bee equipment must be picked up with your bees in Loveland, CO, unless you order unassembled equipment which you need beforehand. In that case we can arrange a separate pickup for you. We are not able to ship or deliver equipment, except in cases where we have already agreed to local delivery.

Assembled Equipment

If you want your equipment ready to go when you pick up your bees, we can assemble equipment for you, as well as paint or naturally stain & seal if you prefer. Prices for the various options are located in our shop. We use non-rusting box nails to assemble equipment, as opposed to the staples in standard Mann Lake pre-assembled boxes.

Equipment Finishes

Unpainted Boxes

Unpainted boxes should be painted and sealed and allowed to dry completely and sit for an appropriate amount of time based on the coating before bees are installed. If you require assembled, unpainted equipment before you pick up your bees just let us know and we can arrange a contactless pickup for you.

White Paint

White paint is a popular choice for bee boxes. We use several coats of non-toxic, livestock-safe barn paint.

Naturally Hand-Stained & Sealed

Our naturally stained and sealed bee boxes are a beautiful with their completely natural bee-friendly finish. We use natural vegetables and spices to color the wood by hand, and seal it with boiled linseed (flax seed) oil & beeswax. The result is a warm, natural beehive protected from the elements.

Colors – Premium Exterior Paint

Our signature pink, yellow, blue and green boxes are painted with premium exterior paint with a matte finish. They are painted by hand with multiple coats to ensure a long life in the yard.

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