Recommended Hive Setup – 2 Deeps


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Our recommended basic hive setup consists of:

  • Telescoping Cover
  • Inner Cover
  • 2 Deep Boxes with Assembled Frames
  • Slatted Rack
  • Screened Bottom Board

In Loveland we overwinter our colonies in this configuration. While you should not expect to harvest honey from a first year colony, you may want to purchase an additional deep or honey super for the summer, since many of our splits expand into a third box during the summer with sufficient nectar flow.

We leave our bottom boards open year round for ventilation and use slatted racks, which help bees regulate temperature in all seasons and reduce the instinct to swarm by giving the queen more space on the frames that is suitable for laying. A slatted rack also helps bees reduce varroa mites naturally by providing extra space between the brood chamber and the bottom board.

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