Refund and Returns Policy

By purchasing bees from Loveland Bees, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


WE DO NOT PERMIT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on purchases of bee colonies. Once you purchase bees, we create a colony of live bees for you that need to be picked up and cared for in your own apiary. The process takes several months and involves specialized knowledge, equipment and production of live animals (honey bees). Because bees are live animals, we require customers to pick up bees as scheduled. Any delay to the pickup schedule can result in damage to or the death of your bee colony. Accordingly, bees not picked up at the scheduled appointment will be forfeited unless canceled with at least 24 hours notice and rescheduled within our pickup window for the year. Refunds will not be given for bees that are not picked up. Bees are not transferable. If you purchase bees, you must pick them up yourself or call us with a designated representative to pick them up on your behalf. Bees cannot be shipped.

By ordering bees you agree to the following:

  1. You have taken a course certified by your local beekeeping organization or have equivalent experience to maintain a colony of bees.
  2. You have appropriate equipment prepared and ready to house your bees (they must be installed in their new hive immediately).
  3. You understand that bees are living animals and need to be provided with a safe hive location, water source, and adequate ventilation in transit.
  4. You understand that bees are packed in a temporary box for transport and cannot be left in that temporary box for more than 24 hours.
  5. You understand and will be in compliance with your local county, city and HOA rules and ordinances regarding bees.
  6. You understand that there are inherent dangers in beekeeping, including the risk of serious injury or death from bee stings. We encourage you to wear adequate protective equipment when transporting or installing your bees and cannot be held responsible for any injury resulting from your colony including during pickup at our location.
  7. Once bees have been picked up, they are your responsibility to keep safely and we cannot be held responsible for damage to the colony from the point it leaves the pickup location.

Reserving a Colony

Payment is required to reserve one of our limited colonies when you order. As with any animal, your colony of bees is a living organism and cannot be returned or refunded, since the colony has been created for you. We start creating nucleus colonies in late winter and as your colony grows in Spring we will open up scheduling for bee pickups and notify you by email. The pickup location is 1118 E 7th Street in Loveland, CO unless otherwise agreed. We will send out an e-mail with the pickup location to all customers we open up scheduling in Spring, usually in early May. If you require delivery of your bees, an alternate pickup location or order after scheduling begins, please contact us by phone at 970-541-2914 for details. We are not able to guarantee availability of alternate locations or delivery, so you are responsible for picking up bees in Loveland, Colorado if we do not come to an alternate agreement before purchase.

Pickup Appointments

Appointments will be scheduled through our website, or may be scheduled by phone. Appointment availability is based on our best estimation of when the bees will be ready for pickup, however circumstances beyond our control (for example, inclement weather) may delay the development of your colony and require your bee pickup to be rescheduled. If this is the case, we will contact you to reschedule your appointment with at least 72 hours notice. You are responsible for rescheduling your appointment and picking up the bees on the new date. If you cannot make your appointment in an emergency, please call us at 970-541-2914 immediately. Bee pickups are time-sensitive and we do not allow appointments to be canceled by e-mail or rescheduled through our online booking system within 24 hours of pickup. Any bees not picked up within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment will be forfeited and a refund will not be given in this circumstance.

If Something is Wrong

We inspect all colonies within the 24 hours before your pickup appointment to ensure that they are healthy, that there are eggs and a laying queen present and we pack up the bees for pickup into a reusable nucleus colony box for transport. Once your bees are packed for transport they must be picked up within 24 hours. If you arrive home with your bees and notice any problems or concerns please contact us within 24 hours along with pictures and a description of any concerns.


If we are unable to create a nucleus colony for you due to unforeseen circumstances (for example a natural disaster) we will contact you to know that we are not able to provide a colony and provide you an immediate refund. We cannot provide refunds in any other circumstances. If you fail to schedule a pickup time for your colony before June 21 of your purchase year or fail to pick up your bees at the scheduled time no refund will be provided.


We sell living colonies of bees and cannot exchange bees that have left our pickup location due to biosecurity concerns.

Need help?

Contact us at or by phone at 970-541-2914 for questions related to refunds and returns.

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